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  Characters    Captain Nigel Croker

CAPTAIN NIGEL CROKER - Played by Christopher Villiers

Position: Pilot

Nigel Croker, the man who got Janis pregnant and then dumped her and generally messed up her life by revealing he was married, is back at Fresh, determined to have a good time. In his mid 40s - he's handsome, suave, has been reckless, has loved too many women, too frequently and now he's paying the price (two failed marriages and two huge alimony bills), though he continues to trade off his image as a dashing pilot a great deal. Initially he hooks up with Lehann, but is dumped when she sees CCTV footage of him shagging in the galley. Croker moves in with Janis - mainly because since his divorce, he needs a flat to live in. He's fond of Janis, but not really in love with her - "the plain ones are always so grateful - especially over 35".

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