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  Characters    Captain Dan Peterson

CAPTAIN DAN PETERSON - Played by Luke Roberts

Positon: Pilot

Dan joined Fresh! along with Rachel and Lorna due to the merger with Goldstar. Dan is popular with the woman in the show. Dan and Captain Croker do not see eye to eye. Dan's affair with Rachel backfires when Rachel's husband finds out and Dan fears for his life. Dan tries to resolve his money problems by doing job's on the side. Dan gets demoted along with Captain Croker when they both pull of a nasty stunt and get Janis suspended. Dan's affair with Rachel is over when Dan finds out Rachel's baby is not his but her husband's. Dan then turns his attentions over to Lehann who doesn't refuse. Dan finally gets sacked for being in the cockpit over the legal limit and leaves Fresh! Dan and Lehann still see a promising future together until Lehann is on her last flight and something happens that will change things forever.

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