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  Characters    Janis Steele

JANIS STEELE - Played by Jo Anne Knowles

Position: Senior Purser
First Seen: Series 1, Episode 1
Last Seen: Series 2, Episode 26

A bitchy senior flight attendant with a shady past, Janis controls her crew with threats, rancorous demands, and casual cruelty. Her Draconian techniques help to mask the insecurities of an aging, lonely woman unlucky in love. A romance with younger flight attendant Marco almost softens the steely Janis, but even his love can't melt her cold heart. When threatened, Janis reacts with impunity. Her viciousness reaches new lows in Season Two when Janis directs her wrath at Lehann, Will, and several new recruits to the Fresh team.

Photos courtesy of Tarty Doris

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