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  Episode Guides    Series 1, Episode 13
First Aired: Sky One on Sunday 11th May 2003

The last episode of series 1 begins with Will and Jason arguing over who is going to get the Purser position. It's also Marco's last day today and he is looking happy than ever. Jason reckons he's in with a greater chance than Will as he has got "inside information" - from sleeping with one of the secretarys. Will reckons he's in with a better chance than Jason due to his flings with MacMillan but it turns out Lehann's been offered the job. Will and Jason, despite what they say, don't seem happy with the decision.

Meanwhile Will tries to convince Marco not to leave Fresh! A very elderly passenger, Mr. Boyd, is onboard today's flight and Marco assists him and his breathing apparatus to his seat. Lehann starts the safety demonstration and Jason pulls his trousers down during it, showing his arse to all. The passengers all seem highly entertained but Lehann certainly isn't. Jason then goes on to chat to a couple of "struggling musicians" who can't afford to pay for a drink so he gives them a couple free.

Marco's chatting to Mr. Boyd and he shows him a photo of his Spanish Farmhouse whilst Jason continues to chat to the musicians. He invites them all to the beach later on - Lehann then tells him to stop his tricks and make sure they have paid for their drinks. She's goes on to say that if the till is even one penny out she will report him. When Lehann walks off, Jason tells the 3 girls to nevermind the "wagon dragon". Lehann overhears him and calls him over for a chat where she has a go at him for his mooning in the safety demonstration and then slagging her off to the passengers. Jason goes on to say that Lehann can't be a Purser, she hasn't got what it takes.

Whilst all this is going in, Mr. Boyd is having a heart attack at the front of the aircraft. The pair, who are unaware what's going on, are still arguing. Jason says if Lehann even lasts a week then he will "walk through the terminal building stark bollock naked". Lehann says she will bet anything so Jason says if she doesn't succeed then she has to have sex with him ! The two have a deal but Lehann states it's never going to happen.

Back at the Fresh! Centre, K.C. is in tears in MacMillan's office. K.C's credit card companies have taken her to court and she now has CCJ and has to pay large amounts of money out of her wages each month. She then goes on to tell MacMillan that she owes 25,000 in total. K.C. wants MacMillan to give her a promotion but he says it doesn't work like that.

Back on board, the crew have found a doctor on board to help Mr. Boyd. The doctor says his oxygen tank is empty and it's too late - Mr. Boyd is dead.

K.C. has called for a meeting with Kim from episode 11. Kim runs the Mile High Club and K.C. is interested in working for them. Kim agrees K.C. can start on Monday, she's working the Gulf routes. Kim thinks she'll be a big hit with the Arab men. Kim tells K.C. to go and hand in her notice but K.C. doesn't want to. Kim gives her a business card of someone she knows. He can give K.C. some "tricks on the side" and this means she can still work at Fresh!

Meanwhile, Lehann has asked Marco to sit next to Mr. Boyd and talk to him to as not to alarm the other passengers. Marco sits next to him and talks about how his dad said he would never make it as a flight attendant.

K.C. has gone to meet Kim's friend, Bob Simons. They get talking about what it involves and that whenever Bob calls K.C's flat - so as her friends don't catch on, he will call himself "Uncle Bob". He gets K.C. to undress so he can take some photos of her.

The flight has landed and Mr. Boyd is being carried off by a couple of paramedics on a stretcher and Lehann reminds Jason that he's not gonna win this stupid bet. Jason sees the photo of where Mr. Boyd lived.

Back at Uncle Bob's, K.C. goes through the things she will do and won't do with her clients, she is then free the go.

Marco wants to go and check on Mr. Boyd's house to make sure everything is ok and to let his neighbours know whats happened. Will and Jason want to go out on the town for Marco's last day celebrations. The both decide to go with him and Jason brings the 3 girls who he met on the flight earlier. They get back to the farmhouse and decide to go inside after finding a key. Jason finds some of Mr. Boyds pet lizards and decides to feed them then leave. Marco then discovers something - a load of cannabis plants ! They all decide to sit around and get stoned.

John comforts Lehann at the hotel for her awkward first flight. Lehann isn't appreciative of the compliments.

Back at the farmhouse, Will, Jason and Marco are all getting stoned whilst the girls play their violins. Jason is talking to his new friend "Virgil" the lizard. Marco tells the pair how he and Janis nearly had a baby but they all just giggle about it.

Lehann confides in Bryson and talks to him about her son Louis. Lehann's worried that she's a rubbish mother and never spends any time with him. Bryson wants to be like a dad to Louis and asks Lehann to marry him ! He admits he's not in love with her but he says it will be a gamble for the both of them.

Will and one of the musicians have made a hash cake but it has not gone to plan - Will's put too much cannabis in it. Will discusses with the girl how he feels about Marco - he just can't bring himself to tell him though. They have an interesting conversation as this girl gay herself. She convinces Will to tell him his feelings.

Back at the flat, Uncle Bob is ringing K.C. but she doesn't answer. He leaves a message saying he's got a job for her.

At the hotel, Bryson has walked Lehann back up to her room. He asks her to think about what they discussed earlier and Lehann invites him in. She says what she does tonight and what she says tomorrow are two different things.

Jason and Marco are relaxing outside the farmhouse when Will and the girls join them. Marco begins to realise that the flying lifestyle is not so bad afterall. Will reminds him it's still not too late to change his mind about leaving Fresh!

Meanwhile, K.C. gets ready for her first job. She repeatedly plays Uncle Bob's message clearly wondering what she's got herself into.

Will gives Marco a present back at the farmhouse - it's the weed cake that he made ! He tells Marco not to eat it until he gets home. Will then tells Marco that he is in love with him - Marco freaks out. He tells Will he isn't gay and that the person he was talking about last week was a woman. Jason sets some of the lizards free, but his friend Virgil, has to come with him. Marco is off with Will and he gets in a seperate taxi with the girls.

At the hotel, Lehann tells Bryson she's not going to accept his offer. She doesnt want to settle for a life with someone she doesn't love. She tells Bryson that she feels she has been living Emma's life for the past 24 hours. Lehann wishes she'd never interfered between Emma and John. Lehann goes back to her room to find Marco has just come back - he jumps straight in the shower and Lehann eats some of his cake as she hasn't had any breakfast.

Meanwhile, at the flat, K.C. is stealing everyone's money and belongings - she then gets into a cab where she sells all the goods in a pawnbrokers. The cab then takes her to the airport where she gets onto her flight to Nice. She has a huge suitcase with her with all her clothes in. James questions the size of her case - she says she's taking some stuff out there for her sister who has moved to Nice.

On the flight back from Palma to London, Jason tries to hide Virgil the lizard from Lehann but he drops him on the floor and he scarpers. Lehann wants them to forget about their stupid bet but Jason is too concerned with finding Virgil. Meanwhile, things are very awkward between Marco and Will. Will finds the weed cake and realises that Lehann has eaten nearly half of it ! He speaks with Marco about it and tells him what it really is, Will's really worried that he's going to lose his job. Marco says he will say he baked the cake, after all, he's leaving anyway. They then have suspicions that Bryson may have had some of the cake too and he's today's pilot. They go and confront him and stop him from eating it just in time.

They are still worried about how high Lehann is going to be in half an hour or so. Lehann is already not feeling too good and she is seeing double of everyone.

Back on the flight to Nice, K.C. offers to do the trolley for James. James is surprised that she wants to help out but really she just wants to use the opportunity to steal as much money as she can.

Meanwhile in Palma, they have called a replacement for Lehann as she clearly isn't looking well enough to stay on the flight. Lehann thinks Jason has done this on purpose so he wins his little bet. Suddenly, Virgil appears ! Janis steps onboard to replace Lehann as Purser.

K.C. is offering more help wherever money can be seen. She uses the last 10 minutes to grab as much money as she can. She then tells James that she has to go into the airport to give her sister her luggage. The passengers disembark the plane and K.C. shortly follows. She goes into the terminal toilets and gets changed - as she throws her ID badge into the bin, her life at Fresh! flashes before her. Back onboard, James wonders where K.C. has got to. He then discovers that all the takings have gone and that K.C. cashed up. K.C. is long gone by now - she's getting into a taxi in Nice.

Back on the flight to London, Lehann is being sick in the toilet. Jason comforts her and then the two sit down near the back of the plane where Jason apologises for being an arse. Lehann can't focus on him properly.

Will snaps at Marco for being so jumpy around him and tells him to just deal with it - the old Marco he know would have done. Marco apologises to Will for maybe giving him the wrong signals and Janis walks in and tells Marco not to leave Fresh! on her account. Marco says it's too late now. Janis says it's only too late if Marco lets it be. Marco then walks in with the weed cake, not realising Janis is still in the galley. Janis takes a sniff at the cake and asks Lehann if she has eaten any of it. She says yes. Janis tells her she's not ill but stoned ! Janis wants to know who's cake it is, Marco and Will both try to take the blame and then suddenly Virgil appears again ! Janis stamps on him which upsets Jason and all the passengers !

Back at the Fresh! Centre, all the crew are outside MacMillan's office ready for a roasting. Marco is about the only one who's not in trouble - and he's leaving anyway, or is he ? He suddenly decides he wants to stay but Will says that nothings going to save his job this time. Suddenly, they all get the giggles and series 1 comes to an end.

Music Featured in this Episode

Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection
James Brown - The Payback
Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe
Frou Frou - It's Good To Be In Love
Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums
Oasis - Little By Little

Guest Appearances for this Episode

Tim Barlow....Mr. Boyd
Charles Daish....Kevin MacMillan
Dermot Keaney....Bob Simons
Naoko Mori....Natsumi (as Naoki Mori)
Victoria Pritchard....Kim
Peter Rnic....Airline Passenger
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