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First Aired: Sky One on Sunday 23rd February 2003

KC, working out to Majorca with Lehann and purser James, is surprised to see Michael Webb has chosen to travel with Fresh! - he's a multi-millionaire, and thus a very valuable target for KC. Michael Webb regularly travels this route, and books an air stewardess for his pleasure in Majorca through "an agency". KC is all over Michael, who assumes that KC is his date for the evening (even though he thinks he's booked a girl called Tracey).

Meanwhile, back in London, Marco is still being ferried to work by his mum every day even though he has been suspended. The day of his disciplinary hearing has finally arrived, and he kills time in the terminal building waiting for the meeting to begin. His union rep, Will, is surprised to see he's brought all his travel kit with him and says he's unlikely to fly today even if he is reinstated. He then bumps into Janis Steel again (literally), causing her to spill her drink down her blouse. Marco's mesmerised by the sight of Janis' cleavage.

Meanwhile, back on the Majorca flight, Michael Webb makes his evening's arrangements with KC. On landing, KC and Lehann head straight to a swanky boutique to prepare for the evening. KC selects a 2,000 dress and puts it on her Fresh! credit card with the intention of returning it the next day.

Marco's disciplinary interview does not go well. Kevin McMillan, the head of personnel, recalls the entire night's evenings and it looks like it could be curtains for Marco. Or at least it would be if it weren't for Will O'Brien, who gives Kevin a blowjob in the toilets to help get Marco off the hook. Marco's reinstated but told that one more mistake will cost him his career.

Will takes Marco back to the crew flat as there's a bed going spare that he could rent to get away from his parents. Marco goes to bed and dreams of being punished by Janis who orders him to take it "like a man". Marco says these three little words out loud, and is overheard by Will - who takes it the wrong way - and jumps into bed with him. Marco's horrified and tells him that he's not gay!

In the middle of all this Emma and Ian get back from their honeymoon. Their new flat has fallen through so they've got to move back into the flat in the short term.

So back to Majorca ... KC asks Lehann to rescue her at about midnight so that she can escape with her honour intact. Unfortunately Lehann falls asleep, and so KC can't make a getaway. KC has a very pleasant evening with Michael Webb and ends up sleeping with Michael Webb anyway.

The next morning, KC wakes up and finds that Michael Webb has already left. He's also left her an envelope containing a very large amount of money. KC finally realises that she's been used for her body and then very intelligently flushes all the money down the toilet. And then on the way back to the hotel she rips the really expensive dress (so she won't be able to take it back, and remember it's on the company credit card).

KC breaks down in tears and tells Lehann everything. Lehann tells KC to get back to the airport and that she'll meet her there. Lehann heads over to Michael Webb's boat, rescues the money from the toilet and kicks Michael Webb's houseboy in the nuts.

In London, Janis is furious to see that Marco hasn't been sacked and works out that he's Will's latest little project. She tells Marco that if he screws up today she'll have him sacked. Marco's too busy lost in his own little fantasy world to realise a thing that Janis is saying to him.

The flight goes as badly as the previous one that Marco worked on. Passengers throw up on him, and it's all he can do to get through the sector. To make things worse he forgets to put the cabin doors to manual and almost lets off the emergency chute when the plane lands. Janis yells at him some more, but Will sticks up for him and gives him a "herbal remedy" which will help him through the rest of the day.

The herbal remedy manages to put a smile on Marco's face and mellows his mood out completely. He suddenly becomes a model air steward for the rest of the day and Janis is very impressed with him.

Back in Majorca, Michael Webb boards KC's plane to go back to London. She's not exactly overjoyed to see him and she bursts in on him when he's on the toilet. Michael says that he wouldn't look twice at her if he weren't paying for the privilege because girls like her are ten-a-penny. The last laugh is on KC though - before the plane took off from Majorca she handed in Webb's coat and passport as lost property, so he can't get back into the UK easily!

The end of the day finally arrives for Marco too - Janis admits that he's done a good day's work and she was wrong to doubt that he couldn't cope. Marco asks Will for more of the herbal remedy (or should he go to a Chemist's to buy it). He's horrified to hear that he's taken a tab of Ecstasy!

Music featured in this episode

The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
Toploader - Stupid Games
Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Basement Jaxx - Romeo
Sam/Dave - Hold On I'm Comin
DB Boulevard - Point Of View
Badly Drawn Boy - Something To Talk About

Guest Appearances for this Episode

Steve Bennett....Dougie
Peter Collins....Ian
Charles Daish....Kevin MacMillan
Hayley Menzies....Traci Rodgers
Michael Praed....Michael Webb
Heather Tobias....Marco's Mum
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