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First Aired: Sky One on Sunday 2nd March 2003

Fresh's flight from London arrives in London, and they should have a quick turnaround. Or at least they would have until James the Purser collapses. Jackie Randall is all over John, and is as concerned about the upcoming Spanish air strike as she is getting into John's pants. John tells James to stay in Barcelona and see a doctor. James puts Emma in control as acting Purser, much to Jackie's annoyance.

Back in London, Will is still pining over Marco and admires him sleeping shirtless on the sofa. Jason and Will bet over Marco's sexuality. At the airport, both put their plans into action.

Will, Jason and Marco are all working out to Amsterdam with "wagon-dragon" Janis. Jason gives Marco pulling lessons, especially as there's a group of fit women travelling out on the plane.

In Barcelona, Jackie and Emma are still moaning. A man gets on saying that he needs a bulkhead seat as he has a damaged back. Jackie tells the man to sit down and she'll get her superior to sort it out later. The passenger isn't very co-operative. Emma is still concerned about the impending strike as she's supposed to be going out househunting with her husband later that night.

Jason puts Marco up to giving the fit women some free gin and tonics. Marco rushes up to them and makes a hash of it - with Janis watching the whole thing. Marco's almost in trouble but Will bails them out for some reason. Will tells the group of women that Marco is his boyfriend. On arrival in Amsterdam Marco watches Janis closely as she tidies up.

The flight from Barcelona takes off, and the uncooperative passenger already wants to talk to Emma. She goes up to talk to him, and he starts to swear at her. Emma tells the man that he can't have a bulkhead seat as none are left. The man continues to rant and rave and swear and stands up. Emma goes to ask the flight deck for advice.

Captain Beardsley tells her the restraining kits are in the ship's locker. They restrain Mr. Wingate (the irate passenger) and put him back in his seat. And to everyone's annoyance the flight is diverted back to Barcelona so Mr Wingate can be arrested, where it ends up grounded because of the Air Traffic strike. So no flathunting, and everyone stranded for the night in Barcelona.

Next flight for the boys sees them heading back to London from Amsterdam. This time there are two very attractive Swedish women travelling back to London. They run a gay website - "Swede Dreams", which is one of Will's favourite sites (not surprisingly). Will puts his next part of the plan into motion, and whispers what he wants.

Jason then makes his move on one of the women (Trude), but she's not very talkative. Marco is more interested still in trying to chat up Janis, and uses one of Jason's pickup lines on her. The other half of the Swedish dynamic duo appears, and explains that Trude is a deaf mute. Kirsten (the other girl) makes a date with Jason and Marco, and tells them that it's going to be a very interesting evening for all of them.

At the end of the day Marco and Jason meet up for their hot date. The girls want to take photos of the boys (and the closer they are the better as far as they are concerned). Kirsten explains that they are photojournalists and they want a souvenir of the evening.

Emma gives her statement to the Police in Barcelona and comes face to face with Mr Wingate again. Wingate says that he was heading back to London for a custody hearing about his daughter which he has now blown. The only problem with being stuck in Barcelona is that everyone else is stuck there too. There are very few hotel rooms left, Emma and Jackie end up sharing, as do Captain Beardsley and John.

The hot date continues and Will has to play dumb as Will and Marco bring the Swedes back to the flat for a nice game of strip poker. The boys should do very well at this as the deck of cards is rigged. Unfortunately the girls seem to be winning just as much as the boys are (as the clothes continue to come off). The girls continue to take photos. Kirsten tries to put drugs in one Jason's drinks, but Lehann catches her doing it. Kirsten makes out that it's just some Ecstasy, which Jason says he's fine with.

Emma and Jackie settle down for the night. John tries to get into his room, but Captain Beardsley is entertaining. He goes to the girl's bedroom and tries to get some sleep on the floor. Jackie decides she wants some entertainment of her own and gets onto the floor with John and gives him a blowjob. Emma's wide-awake throughout and hears the whole thing.

The girls decide to head back to their hotel at the airport (as Lehann seems to be on to them). Jason decides to escort them back to the hotel and drags a reluctant Marco along with him. Kirsten wants to get on a plane with them to finish the night off, but that's not possible for security reasons. The next best thing is to use the Fresh training simulator instead.

Trude spikes more drinks, and the party continues - Marco and Jason eventually both pass out. The girl’s strip them, then arrange them "artistically" and continue to take more pictures. We see that the girls aren't Swedish at all, and Trude isn't even a deaf mute!

Day break in Barcelona and nobody's very pleased with each other. Emma walks away from the breakfast table and John tries to talk to her. Emma says that she's not going to be made to feel jealous because of Jackie's nocturnal activities. John reminds her that the world doesn't revolve around her. Emma heads back to her hotel room to get ready for the return flight.

Back on the training simulator a naked Marco and Jason both wake up looking at each other's tackle. Janis walks in with a class of new recruits, and is quietly amused to see Marco and Jason hiding naked. Janis asks Marco if he has a compulsion for taking his clothes off in public places, and also observes that Jason is finally investigating his latent side. Janis revels in the humiliation but takes no more action against them.

John goes off to find Emma as everyone is waiting for her. She's on her hotel balcony smoking a cigarette. She turns round and is shocked to see Wingate on her balcony. They have a big confrontation. Wingate tells her that he's lost access to his daughter for good and says that he wants her to remember this day for the rest of her life. With that, he jumps off the balcony and falls to his death.

Will is delighted to see Jason and Marco. He shows them the website, and they're horrified by what they see, especially when Marco sees that his underpants are being auctioned on the website! Lehann comes in wearing a t-shirts printed with their pictures from the Swede Dreams website on it and does a roaring trade selling them.

Marco asks Janis if he can have a word with her. He tells her that he was drugged and tricked into it. Janis says that what Marco does on company property is a private matter, but seeing Jason in a compromising position was the best laugh that she and the airline have had in a long time. Jason walks in and asks Lehann to play along with him. He gives her an enormous passionate kiss to shut the rumours up. Could this be love?

Music featured in this episode

Ash - Burn Baby Burn
Ash - Shining Light
Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Take Me Home
Charlatans UK - You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty
Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer

Guest Appearances for this Episode

Peter Collins....Ian
Ruth Higham....Kerstin
Francis Johnson....Stuart Wingate
Sarah Matravers....Jackie Randall
Rachel Munday....Truda
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